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“Julie suddenly decides to runaway, leaving all behind. Her escape will take her till far away lands where she believes she can hide from herself in a little remote town. There Julie finds her place as the beloved teacher and everybody accept her and believes in her. But no one knows who Julie is. No one know who hides behind her evasive eyes”.

We think it can be interesting for people from different geographies, and therefore we are looking for international distribution.



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Dirección y guión
Alba González de Molina

Ayudante de dirección
Eva Ferradas

Productor Ejecutivo
Mariano Baratech

Directora de Producción
Fiore T. Lyubomirova

Director de Fotografía
Álvaro Sanz Pascual

Directora de Arte
Raquel Souto Rubio

Oscar Santamaría Gómez

Belén Álvarez Doreste

Marine Discazeaux
Silvia Maya
Rikar Gil
Juan Martín Gravina
Javier Tolosa
Irene Ferradas
Emilio Lindner
Mario Miñano
Daniel Martín

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